Campaign for Fair Ferry Fares – Petition to Nikki Kaye MP


Hi Everyone
Below is the press release for the campaign for fair ferry fares.  I know we’re all busy but it’s really important we push for fair ferry fares as part of the transport management act.  Nikki Kaye is taking the petition from us on Monday to take to parliament.  If you haven’t signed it, please
make a point of doing so and signing up.
If you’re free to get some signatures please contact me as I have some blank sheets left.
Thanks Shirin

This Monday, the Campaign for Fare Ferry Fares will be presenting Nikki Kaye, our MP, with a petition calling for affordable and sustainable fares on the Waiheke to Auckland Central Route.

Recognising the lifeline that the ferries provide to islanders accessing the mainland,  she has agreed to present this petition to Parliament as part of the discussion on the Public Transport Management Act.

The petition, now signed by over 500 people, calls for a mechanism of accountability so that fares cannot be raised without consultation with any governing transport authority and regulation, or fair competition, on the route.

If you haven’t signed the petition, there is still time to do so at the library, at the markets on Saturday or at Get Stuffed in Ostend.   With the discussion of the Transport Management Act and Nikki Kaye’s willingness to support the Waiheke community on this issue, this is a key moment to request regulation of some kind before more people are driven off the island.