Cellsites community engagement

Telecom, Vodafone, Woosh and Kordia have formed an association known as the Telecommunication Carriers Forum (TCF).

The TCF have released Guideline re Community Engagement re Cellsites and are calling for public input.

The closing date is AUGUST 20, only days away, we only found out about the Guidelines on AUGUST 11 even though they were released on July 9.

We ask everybody to submit a submission.  Send it to info@tcf.org.nz

Here are some example submissions.

There is a 23 page example of a full submission from an Environmental Lawyer, and Mother, for those who are looking for more information.

The guidelines can be found on the TCF website www.tcf.org.nz

Time is short so please send in the submissions today.

This is a wonderful initiative by the TCF.  Present methods aren’t working and as more communities get shocked by a cellsite as the phone companies look to develop the infrastructure the clashing of wills will only get worse.

If we are to get the joy of 3G and onwards then we need to let the TCF know what it will take to get our support.  The Guidelines are the beginning.

Submissions are being sought worldwide so we get the best ideas not just the thoughts of a few NZ Telco executives.  Spread the word, be part of securing our safety.

Andrew Crawford