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OneWaiheke is a portal for citizen participation for the islanders of Waiheke, New Zealand.

Our goal is to keep you informed of the current issues affecting the island and enable collaboration and engagement for all islanders.

As well as the web pages we run a number of mailing lists that provide both public and private discussion areas about current campaigns and issues.  See: OneWaiheke.onlinegroups.net for more details

Writers Wanted

Over the last year the issues of the Auckland Council, the need encourage submissions to select committee hearings, fight for local board powers etc. Meant that the website was really only about the super city.   Now that time has passed I would like to try to return it to its original vision as a place for informed comment and engagement.

Waiheke is full of informed, articulate and intelligent people.  We each have issues that we feel strongly about, areas where we are experience and well informed.  I would like to invite you consider being a regular or occasional writer for the website.

If you are comfortable with the idea of ‘blogging’ then let me know and I will register you on the site as an author. This will allow you to edit and post your stories directly. If you prefer not then you can email them to me to edit and put online on your behalf.  Letters that you might send to the local paper can be submitted also.

Copyright will remain with the original author.

To get involved in the project please contact Andrew <avowkind@gmail.com> for more information.

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