…And we are back

I am back on the beloved island after six years absence and I can honestly say I’ve missed you all and my natural home and to celebrate I am resurrecting the OneWaiheke Website.

OneWaiheke is a place for think pieces, polical and social commentary, parody and observations about our special island. Its like the Gulf News but you all get to write the editorial. Note the new domain name – OneWaiheke.nz

I hope our witty previous writers will re-surface and new ones will emerge. As you can see I’ve kept the design free of noise and fluff so you can concentrate on the story. My apologies, the article photos and illustrations did not survive the hiatus.

For now enjoy a scroll back through what concerned us back then in the heady days of 2009-2016, a time before Jacinda, before Covid-19, back when we were concerned about a marina, the size of the busses, ever expanding house prices, loss of rentals, the occupy protest, a marine park, biosphere reserve, climate change and Auckland Council. Oh so much has changed.

Ngā mihi – The moderator