Sour grapes and misinformation

During the Waiheke Local Board sour grapeselection I had the pleasure of working with the Essentially Waiheke team to win the Waiheke Local Board election.  The Essentially Waiheke team (Paul, John, Beatle and Becs) plus Shirin.  Made a clean sweep in the local elections and removed 4 out of 5 of the previous board members.

My role in the whole thing was making the Essentially Waiheke website and managing the social media.  I found it a really good experience working with a team to win the campaign.  Most of the former board members have taken defeat gracefully to their credit.  However one former board member in particular appears to have some sour grapes and not just sour but bitter, twisted and sour grapes.

Ungraceful Former Local Board Member

One ungraceful former board member has setup a blog and Facebook page which continually opposes whatever the current local board does, even if it is good for the community and continually spread misinformation and what can only be called lies and rumours in an vain attempt to turn people against the current local board.  These were the same techniques that they used during the local board elections – it did not work then and it is not working now.

After the election I believed that this behaviour would stop, well at least ease back till 12 to 18 months out from the next election.  I was wrong, it really is a continuous barrage.  I have to say that all that they are achieving with this type of behaviour is a confirmation to the general public of Waiheke that voting them out of the local board was the best thing that they could of possible done.

I would like to say that my efforts went a long way to get the Essentially Waiheke campaign team to win but after analysing the whole situation I came to the conclusion that this former board was very unpopular and would not get voted back in because of the following.

  • Firstly they got voted in with a minority of votes because the votes were then split between some really good people.
  • They then disgraced themselves with the way that the Chair of the board was chosen and the side-lining of Denise Roche when she got a majority of votes.
  • I heard all sorts of stories which may or may not be true of funding cuts, issues with resource consents and general opposition from the council for anyone that opposed what the previous local board did in anyway shape or form.
  • They then appeared to make a lot of controversial decisions which went against what the public Waiheke wanted and appeared to have hidden agendas with very little transparency.
  • They disgraced themselves again with the way they side-lined Paul Walden after he won the Waiheke Local Board by election.
  • They then did not participate in public campaigning meetings.
  • They sent spam out as part of their local board campaign.

If I did not know better, I would of thought that they did not want to get elected back onto the local board.  So all I can conclude is that they got themselves voted out, all the Essentially Waiheke team had to do is put a half decent team together to oppose the previous board members  and it worked a charm – a clean sweep.  As a side note the current local board is not half decent but really a great bunch who want to work together for a better Waiheke.

This continuous barrage of misinformation and sour grapes does nothing but discredits the one sending it

This continuous barrage of misinformation and sour grapes does nothing but discredits the one sending it so I have not even bothered to comment or engage in it till now.  The only conclusion that I can come to is that the reason for this constant misinformation and opposition to whatever the local board does is because members of the ousted local board want to get voted back in, in the next local board election.

As a recap – they got voted in with a minority of the votes because of vote splitting, they then lost approximately 30% of their voting support base in the most recent election, they do nothing positive for Waiheke to date except oppose whatever the new local board does.  So they really are deluded when they believe that they will ever get voted back in.

What can you do to stop the spread of misinformation?

  • Block anyone spreading misinformation on Facebook
  • Never comment on misinformation, even if it is to correct as this helps spread it
  • Don’t visit any blogs spreading misinformation
  • Remove yourself from any Facebook groups / pages that spread misinformation
  • Then tell your friends to do the same

By allowing yourself to read this stuff and even commenting on it actually helps the spread of it.  All they want is an audience so if you remove yourself and encourage others to do the same you can help minimise the spread of this garbage.

Written By Dan Ballard,


19 thoughts on “Sour grapes and misinformation”

  1. Thanks for the helpful advice Dan, I left the Waiheke peoples parliament page just after the election of your buddies. I now no longer feel the need to listen to the half truths and in most cases outright lies promulgated on that page by a select few bitter and twisted locals.

  2. What an utter load of crap Dan (or is it Ken?) The only thing near to truth is that the Island is being subject to Roach’s Revenge, as you confirm. Apart from highly suspect and possibly illegal distribution of ratepayers funds via Junkets, “School Pool Study”, jobs & handouts for a few supporters etc it appears nothing is being done for the wider community except grandstanding, a few typically dishonest Green slogans, and some shabby PR. This is how the Socialists operate, everywhere, so it is no great surprise to many, but a shocking eye opener to many more who are now being better informed. The numbers of apparent voters contacted is growing, I suspect when this process is finished some careers will come crashing down, deservedly. Many will be very satisfied to see the Greens exposed for what they are, not what they say they are. The campaign of hate & lies against decent, honest people may have helped win the LB Election, as I’m sure a few hope it will win the General Election, but the truth & reality will win in the end.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I stand behind everything I write, by all means please share which part of this blog post is untrue. I will happily amend anything that is. This constant stream of misinformation really does reflect badly on you and your group.

      My article is about why certain former board members were so unpopular and why they lost so badly in the local elections and why they will never get re-elected again.

      If you have something to comment along those lines please do but your reference to Socialists and Greens does not follow what my post is about.

      How about this, why don’t you try and list things that the former local board did that were positive for Waiheke and that Waiheke ratepayers actually wanted.

  3. No Dan, how about you follow up your Post and tell us what the former local board did that was negative, and what this LB has done which is positive – apart from fiscally positive for 3 invisible Members and a few supporters? If you are trying to pretend that it is not about Socialism & Greenism you are more dishonest (or just stupid) than virtually all of your utterances on social media indicate. Pfffttt

    1. Mark happy to, but I think that would make a really good wipp conversation so I am happy to take it there and ask roughly 10% of the permanent Waiheke population what the former local board did that was negative and what the new local board is doing that is positive. What do you think?

      When you say a few supporters are you referring to the majority of Waiheke that voted the current local board in or someone else?

      This is how Google defines Socialism
      A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      Here is a more indepth description from Wikipedia if you prefer.

      I think the Google one is a good short definition, can you point out how the new local board has pushed socialists agendas?
      Because I can’t think of any. I am including a definition as I am not sure you actually know what the term means. In fact I am sure that there are may people that would say that the former local board behaved in a way that was more like autocratic communism rather than a democracy.

      Also this Greenism that you and your bunch keep harping on about, can you tell me why making decisions with the environment in mind is bad? Surely you live in Waiheke because of the environment here.

      It is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world.

  4. it still going? God, if I wanted to hang out with cowards & lying fools I would join the Green Party..
    There are many beautiful places in the world, lots of them enhanced by the hand of humankind.. it amazes me how Waiheke has become populated by a small yet noisy core of quite damaged & twisted souls, intent on spreading their prophecies of doom, gloom, misery & envy while biting the hands that feed them – I’m happy enough to be residing elsewhere with productive & positive people now, but concerned about the poisonous atmosphere potentially affecting my children.
    Socialism (noun) – a failed system of distribution, attempted often, resulting only in misery, starvation and genocide for the masses while the political elite engage in massive corruption. Recently rebranded as Greenism to appeal to naive idealists and would be troughers. Characterised by destruction of once proud native peoples by Welfarism. Unbelievably still followed by idiots despite all the evidence of failure. Behavioural traits of adherents include: electoral fraud, bribery by benefit, starvation by ideology, extinction by ludditism, indoctrination by deceit.
    There, fixed that for you. Come back & debate when you have some experience or any of your own ideas, or you’re not trying trying to tell grown ups what to read, hear, debate.

    1. Ok did you even read my last reply?

      You have not given one single example how the current local board are supposedly pushing socialist agendas and all you have done is rant on about your personal definition of socialism. I have given you a chance to use facts to backup your claims about the current local board and you have done nothing but rant. Is this what you consider to be grown ups debating?

      All you and the rest of your group have got is misinformation and I find it very interesting that both you and Jerry Flay don’t live here anymore but have a continued interest in pushing misinformation.

      The more I think about it, the more I think that your little group is not doing this promotion of misinformation for love. Mark are you getting paid to help with the push of misinformation or are you doing it for free?

  5. Did you not watch our Dear Chairman’s video of the LB junket Dan? I’ll remind you if you have and have forgotten his closing remark: “so we can ensure that people visiting Waiheke are there for the right reasons”. Just what would these “right reasons” be? Have I caught the wrong ferry and ended up in North Korea?

    1. Really Peter, you watched the entire video and that is the only thing you have to say about it?

  6. Guess what Dan..I am my own man, not a groupie like you. Now that you have spouted off, why don’t you tell us what this LB has done, or plans to do, that is for the greater Waiheke good? Tell us why you think you can dictate to everyone what hey should say read, join, comment on..? I have given you examples of the corruption & failure endemic to Socialism, and the parallels here. You are compromised, you are spouting shite because you love the ratepayer/taxpayer to feed your kids. But you’re a waste of space IMO, and I have better things to do…an intellectual & moral victory so easily won gives me little satisfaction, only sadness that shite permeates through a once proud & self sufficient Island.

    1. Wow Mark, look at you go.

      Now we can add put downs to your list as well as pushers of misinformation. So as you know I am encouraging people to block people that push lies and misinformation. I am certainly not attempting to dictate what people should read, join and comment on. It is up to people to decide whether what they are reading is indeed lies and misinformation.

      Also, you actually have not given any examples of how this current local board has pushed any socialist issues at all. You have simply accused the current local board of being socialist, then ranted about what your definition of socialism is and somehow that makes you win a intellectual and moral victory?

      Then you get all personal on it and bring up my kids. Tsk tsk that is not very nice. I prefer not to get personal as I can get personal as well, but it’s just not very nice. So I will let that one slide but that is your one chance. Just go back and re-read the article, then you will have the reason we have gotten involved in Waiheke local politics.

      Also I consider your use of the word shite a swear word, if you swear or get personal again in your replies they will be deleted and I really could not care less if you post them elsewhere.

      Also you have not confirmed or denied whether you are being paid for your time to do all this or whether you are doing it for love.

  7. No Dan, there is plenty to say about it and the whole hidden agenda of this new local board. I’ll start with the video. While I admire some of the ideas brought forth and having seen the long term changes in the Hauraki Gulf since my time as a youngster here in the 1960’s, I am concerned that environmental issues have been hijacked by political interests. The environment doesn’t care whether you vote National or Labour or Green. To be making poisonous remarks about property developers and recreational fishermen alienates a section of the community who appreciate its beauty just as much as you. Waiheke is a fantastic place that we can all share if we want to. Unfortunately some seem to consider that any idea that isn’t on the current local board Hymn sheet are dangerous heretics who need to be shunned. Children should be educated not indoctrinated. Funds should be allocated and spent in a fair and transparent manner. Politicians who make promises should be held to account. In your original post you say quite openly that if you disagree you should block, if you disagree you should remain silent, if you find something you read to be disagreeable you should turn away and last but by no means least you should tell your friends to do what you want them to do. You may disagree with me. That is fine. Please don’t assume that because I disagree with your point of view that my concerns are less valid.

    1. Peter I was getting excited that you were actually saying something positive. “I admire some of the ideas brought forth and having seen the long term changes in the Hauraki Gulf since my time as a youngster here in the 1960′s”.

      This is the only positive statement I have seen come out of your group since I have been communicating with you guys. Good one.
      “Funds should be allocated and spent in a fair and transparent manner.” Another good comment, however you are insinuating that this is not happening at the moment.

      Then you fall back into what your group does well, promoting misinformation. “openly that if you disagree you should block” This is not a direct quote. You have changed my words. This is what I actually stated.

      What can you do to stop the spread of misinformation?

      Block anyone spreading misinformation on Facebook
      Never comment on misinformation, even if it is to correct as this helps spread it
      Don’t visit any blogs spreading misinformation
      Remove yourself from any Facebook groups / pages that spread misinformation
      Then tell your friends to do the same

      And I stand by it. People that spread misinformation and lies should be blocked. Simply disagreeing with someone is completely different from someone that promotes misinformation and lies. I disagree with lots of people and I am happy to have open and honest discussions with them which I regularly do.

      So sorry you are attempting to twist my words and failing.

      I am just following through with what I said, if your group continue to promote misinformation about the Waiheke Pool I will continue to point out the misinformation and the facts. I really don’t care about political interests or any of the other stuff you mentioned.

      I am starting to get a bit bored with your pointless posts so make the next one good or I will delete it.

      1. So just to clarify Dan, what is the misinformation of which you speak? What are the wonderful things this LB are doing for Waiheke? Who is paying you? Were you aware of the stolen voting papers at Election time, or more recently? Is Waiheke going to get a Community Pool as was promised, or a School Pool shut off from public use most of the time?

        1. Ok lets start with this and I can post more if you want me to point out more misinformation but it really makes your group look bad.

          What wonderful things is the current local board doing on Waiheke, go and ask that on yourself you will get better answers there.

          Stolen voting papers, you know that is highly illegal. You should report that to the cops and Elections NZ or someone. If it is true, if it is one of your groups misinformation stunts probably best to drop it.

          If you want to know what is going on with the pool go here there is a contact page there and you can ask questions which will be answered by Del or Becs.

          I asked you first, are you getting paid to promote misinformation?

          I am getting bored of your replies so make the next one good or I won’t bother posting it.

  8. So my 9:40 comment is still waiting moderation. More censorship Waiheke style is it? Luckily it is ready to post elsewhere if it’s a bit too honest for Dan’s post here… or do you need some assistance with a response Dan?

    1. Actually I really enjoy chatting with you guys, let Jerry know I miss him and am waiting for his comments on my post.

      I would hardly call your comments honest. Also I am surprised that you would think I would need assistance to respond to you. Also I could not care less if you post elsewhere.

  9. Thanks Dan for clarifying the untruth’s which is more than I can say for (a former local board members Blog) *edit* – I am still waiting for a response to the two questions I asked on her blog over why the last Local Board were funding the Rec Centre when no books were shown – a lot of money wasted in my opinion. What I like about this new Local Board is that they are upfront without the game playing and are looking after the communities interests rather than a hidden agenda.

    1. Hi Tanya-Maree, thanks for the compliment. Certain former local board members and their posse of misinformation pushers are certainly a persistent bunch. Most people on Waiheke and certainly people that are members of Waiheke Island People’s Parliament know what they are like but there are a few people (not many) that have believed their misinformation.

      They are putting a tremendous effort into their misinformation campaign with daily posts, followers that do their bidding.

      I leads me to wonder if there are certain people funding this misinformation campaign. Then if that turns out to be the case I wonder what their agenda is. Whatever they are paying (if this happens to be the case) they are paying too much as their campaign of misinformation only damages their own reputation.

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