The Nightmare Continues

This is like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Every week the Gulf News brings fresh reports of Unbelievable Local Board Disasters. Did they really fast track a horrendously inappropriate building to be loaded onto the public reserve at Wharetana Bay against the wisdom of so many experts in the field?

Are they really going to pave paradise out on the Esplanade- a road that was built before cars were on the island to allow walking and horse cart traffic between Surfdale and Oneroa which was never intended to handle car traffic?

Did they really just award the Golf Club the outrageously preferential permission to expand its Waiheke Aquifer water gobbling from 9 holes to 18 holes without any restriction? So that a small group of islanders can finally fulfill their own personal dream of an extravagant 18-hole golf course?

Are they really going ahead with closed door meetings with the Owhiti Bay developers?

Did Local Board Member Don MacKenzie actually presume to take sides in the tangled debate between users of the Rangihuoa Park and go on record in the Gulf News slandering one group of stakeholders, saying that “riders who were not golfers were badly behaved”? Really? I didn’t realize there had been an official public enquiry which unequivocally established the guilt of the riding club and completely exonerated the golf club. You don’t think that perhaps Don might be a bit biased toward his friends at the golf club and unfairly prejudiced against the riders who don’t show up at his club?

The list goes on, the headache grows.

This ongoing contempt for representing the best interest of the entire island as opposed to the small group of constituents privileged to hold the ear of the Local Board Chairman is cruising for punishment this September at the next Local Board Election. This current crop, aside from Paul Walden, is the most brazenly partisan, glad-handing group in recent memory.

This is all so wrong and it doesn’t have to be this way. Make your voice heard in this year’s election. Other communities around Auckland voted in local boards that are working for the best interests of the whole community. We can do the same.