Supporting OneWaiheke

Did you know that is the host and supporter for  several other community based websites:

As well as some personal blog sites:

If you have a local project that would like its own website, blog or data entry system the I am happy to do this for you as a community service for Waiheke.

This does not cost a lot to run – but its not free either. There are website hosting fees and domain name fees – a few $100 a year.

If you enjoy reading the articles here, or any of the other supported websites then there are a few ways that you can help out.

  1. Cash – find me on the ferry and hand me a brown envelope full of cash or a couple of dollars.
  2. Bitcoin – you can now click the bitcoin donation button in the sidebar.

Bitcoin is a new electronic currency.  An easy way to make microdonations.  If you are already using it then consider sending me 0.02 btc.  If it is new to you then there is a good introduction to Bitcoins at and a more involved explanation on Wikipedia.