Spam, Spam, Spam

Folks I have had to turn off self registration. In the last 24 hours 15 spammers have registered on the site and tried to post messages promoting their stuff. This is not unusual – thats 15-20 activities day after day that generate hassle for me. The results of their efforts rarely appear on the website – thanks to some good filters here, but from time to time I have to go through and clear out all the crap and fake users and its annoying. Occasionally real people get cleaned out too.

You will still be able to comment on stories and leave replies but you will probably have to fill in your email address every time. Also you won’t see your comment appear immediately if you are a first time poster as it will be held in a queue for moderation.

I would like to emphasise that I promote and support free speech and will not block any real person who wants to make comments or postings. In the mean time if you have something intelligent to say – feel free to email me using the admins contact form. I would be happy to add you as a author.

Thanks Andrew (Da Management).