And the result is….

Its 3pm and the provisional count is in.

WALDEN, Paul 1989 1
TREADWELL, Beatle 1945 2
BROWN, Shirin Independent 1647 3
BALLARD, Becs 1557 4
MEEUWSEN, John 1456 5
MCCANN, Sue Independent 1254 6
MCKENZIE, Don Waiheke ‘A’ Team 1201 7
STORER, Faye Waiheke ‘A’ Team 1119 8
HOLMES, Jo Waiheke ‘A’ Team 1065 9
MELVILLE, Richard Independent 858
HOOPER, Graham Independent 340

Congratulations to the Essentially Waiheke team and Shirin – a clean sweep.  don’t let it go to your heads.

Mainly though I think that this is a  clear message from the ‘silent majority’ on the island that Fay and Jo did not spend their time on the board gaining the trust of the islanders.  All the talk of engagement proved to be meaningless.   The fact that both Sue McCann and Don McKenzie beat Fay and Jo is a pretty clear indictment of their behaviour over the last three years.

I’m looking forward now to some more proactive action from our local board.

Here is a chart comparing the votes from this year and 2010.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.50.04 PM

What this shows – apart from Denise’s massive support is that even in a low turnout year  Paul and Beatle got more votes this year than Faye did in 2010, Shirin also beat Jo’s previous vote.

2 thoughts on “And the result is….”

  1. Can we have another poll for the chair? Just for continuity’s sake.
    Interesting reading the comments of the last chair poll. Graham Guthrie telling everyone to be quiet and mind their own business now that his local board got in. And now we know why.

  2. And it would be nice to get Island-wide feedback about a day and time for local board meetings that works for more people. In candidate questions on the vote nz site, Becs mentions that Waiheke has the longest meetings in the Auckland region- 6 hours. So, also looking at reducing the durations those meetings would be good. Does anyone know why they took so long?
    Another idea is a stall at Market in the next few weeks to register the response post election, and hear from people. Maybe get some hopes, dreams and wishes written down to present to the new board?

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