shame on the vandals

Shame, shame, shame on the vandals who tore our community owned studios down and left a pile of rubble for landfill and shame on the local board for the cack handed mishandling of the whole process.

While i accept that the studios were to come down to make way for the new library there was no need to evict the community groups 6 months before anything was done at all to the site. The community would have been richer, through rents recieved and facilities open and community organisations woulkd have been stronger through having their occupancy undisturbed over winter and would have been happy to accept a fortnights notice. Moreover there should havce been a discussion with our community on how best to recover and recycle the building materials. The huge glass windows and doors would doubtless have been an asset to community gardens looking to construct a glasshouse. The beams and roofs would have been a godsend to scouts and others needing to build shelter.

I am seriously pissed off at the waste of an asset that belongs to us all, I am angry that what was a resource is now going to costs us all to truck to town and put in a landfill. And I am troubled by the lack of accountability from our leaders who seem untroubled at wasting what we have already paid for and costing us to dump what we might have reused.

The situation is emblematic of a wider malise where our rates and our resources are mistreated and we are not consulted as if we were not the owners but some inferior beings.

There are some fine staff within council who will be very angry at this latest environmental vandalism and my hope is that our protest might ensure a more consistent environmental and community policy across council thnat will help them to do their jobs and give us the city we deserve.

To reach this nirvana will require local political representatives who share our values. will fight for our vision and protect what we have.

From John Stansfield.

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  1. Well said that Chap. Sadly, expecting the council do do this kind of stuff properly is like expecting your dog to go and do the grocery shopping for you.
    I remember watching as the council workers put the finishing touches to the new front on Artworks theatre some years back. The paint hadn’t even dried before the clowns realised they hadn’t filled the walls with the insulating stuff required for fireproofing. Down came the whole lot in a huge pile of expensive wreckage to be replaced with identical, newly purchased timber.
    This is how public sector work/spending is done.

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