When you read a blog site – how much do you trust what you see?

I received this email yesterday:

Hi Andrew,

I was wondering whether you’d be interested in selling advertising space on Onewaiheke.org? The advertisement would be unobtrusive and we can pay you an annual upfront payment for the advertising space.

We can also provide guest blog posts from industry experts in many cases.

I am from Media Discovery, a new media agency headquartered in the UK. We plan out and acquire advertising space on major websites and portals, as well as smaller niche sites. I personally deal with our smaller publishers, increasing brand awareness and share of voice for the major brands that our group works with.

We’d love to work with your site. If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to email me directly.

Kind Regards,
Tomas Lambert


I declined.  This site will remain advert free and free of industry lobby blog posts.

Rest assured that OneWaiheke.org will retain the right to be rude about anyone we feel deserves it.