Auckland City Council is curbing our freedom.

by Judy Johannessen

If you are a Waiheke Dog owner, a Waiheke Dog lover or a Waiheke resident, we want you to know that big brother the GREATER Auckland City Council, would like us to change our ways! Because we belong to the greater Auckland city, we (dog owners) have been informed that the greater Auckland area should now have the same off leash times on all beaches. This means our hours will be restricted considerably by a total of two and a half hours each day for four months and half an hour for 6 weeks.

This really affects me, as after the summer holiday restrictions, (which we fully support), I was able to take my dog for a run after 4 pm which suited us fine. But if Auckland City council gets its way I will have to wait until after 6.30 pm when I am eating dinner! This is a huge inconvenience.

There doesn’t seem to be any consideration given to the fact we live in a semi rural area with a large choice of beach area to walk our dogs on. We have plenty of space for everyone, as we are not living in crowded spaces. Why do we have to comply with rules that belong to city life?

It seems that people will no longer have to think and read for themselves the rules that apply for local areas.” Let’s make it simple,” Auckland City says, the same rules for everyone across the board. So there goes our individual freedom and the choice of lifestyle we have chosen.

So I am asking you to consider filling in a submission on our behalf, even if you are not a dog lover or owner .For this is just the start of Auckland City rewriting its bylaws. We want to tell them that we are different, special and have chosen to reside here because we don’t enjoy city life with its restrictive lifestyle. We don’t want to change what works well!

If you are concerned, please attend our meeting to be held at Onetangi Residents Hall Sunday Feb 12 at 4 pm .

We have spare submission forms and would appreciate your support.

Thanking you