Now look here everybody, you have to stop all this nonsense about feeling sorry for silly politicians who get caught with their kippers under the grill. You can’t click on any news server of facebook chat right now without having to listen to this stuff and it simply won’t do.

Boo hoo…Poor little Darren Hughes fell foul of the very same system that put him where he was and that’s just the way it goes. Never mind all this bleating about being ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. Hughes can trot that line out all he likes but that concept applies to private citizens who are facing criminal charges, not members of parliament caught out in egregious displays of public weirdness.

First of all, try this question on for size; Which of you can honestly put their hand up and say they could have identified Darren Hughes from a lineup of ten pictures of other list MPs this time last week eh? Even I needed to check which one he was when the news broke and I follow this stuff quite closely.

Secondly, would any of you feel as sorry for the little wretch if his wrongdoing had involved drunk driving or a drug fueled assault charge? I doubt it.

The point is that it DOESN’T MATTER what he did. The fact that he is under investigation by the rozzers means his career is over. And this is right and proper. Members of parliament earn grotesque salaries that increase hugely every year while your miserable pittance stays where it is. They sit in privileged luxury atop a festering mountain of mean spirited rules, regulations, taxes and levies all of which keep the rest of us ground into the dirt. Try defaulting on your taxes or ignoring a traffic fine and see how much sympathy the system has for YOU.

MPs may enter politics with a head full of bright and shiny ideals. But then they find that none of that matters and their souls take on the grimy layer required to succeed in the Beehive. As they rise to ministerial level they acquire the power to destroy livelihoods, reputations and careers with the stroke of a pen. They become, quite simply, SWINE. Left, right or centre, it’s all the same.

The only up side to all this is that they walk a tightrope with no safety net. One slip and its all over. They fall a long way and burst open like bags of dirty water, splashing bits all over the place. To take joy in this spectacle is good and healthy. Save your sympathy for those who actually deserve it, and like me, learn to love the smell of a burning political career in the morning.


  1. By your genius logic, if I made an allegation against John Key for molesting my son – the Police would investigate. Is that John’s career over too?

    You need to understand the distinction between an allegation and a charge. The latter being criminal, the former being tantamount to an unsubstantiated claim.

    These slimy critters vote on your laws! With a majority vote, they could remove your right to free speech! Why on earth would you want such horrible people running your country? Your world must be very difficult to live in.

  2. Er…..Right, I seem to have vexed you somewhat. This was bound to happen I suppose. But I’m not sure I quite follow what you are saying.

    Firstly, I don’t think I actually allowed any LOGIC to creep in and spoil a good dyspeptic rant, genius or otherwise. I believe ‘Emotive Blithering’ was more what I was aiming for. I loathe politicians and always have done. Logic plays no part in this. It would just spoil the fun.

    Since the evil nonsense of ‘Care in the community’ was perpetrated, forcing the mentally vulnerable onto the streets, I imagine the police deal with disturbed people making allegations about the Prime Minister on a more or less hourly basis. “He molested my cat!” “He came in while I was asleep and poked little wires into my head!” “He opens my mail, tells lies about me to the people next door and wees on my rose bushes!” Etc etc… My Dad was a political journalist and fielded allegations like this on a regular basis. 99.99% of these allegations are dismissed as drivel before the complainant has even stopped talking.

    But, and now I am talking logically, the media (Bless ‘em!) never move in on stories like this until they know a LOT. They gather as many facts as they can before beginning to trickle these out a little at a time. So when you hear that an MP has been dragged from their car in the early hours of the morning belching full strength whisky fumes at the constabulary, or caught in flagrante with an attractive friend, an assortment of handcuffs and a jar of Bovril, you may be quite sure that the journalists who introduce the story the next morning already know far more than they are telling.

    So, I believe I know the difference between an allegation and a charge perfectly well.

    As for the last bit, I’m sorry, I just can’t quite grasp what you are saying. ‘Why would I want such people running the country?’ Well basically, I don’t.
    And every parliament holds a sinister few who WOULD get rid of that pesky Free Speech business if they could so no surprises there. As to my world being difficult to live in I’d have to say it’s delightfully simple.

    So while I’m sorry my views didn’t sit well with you, I’m still delighted that you took the time to write. It quite made my day and I hope you have an excellent weekend.

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