12 thoughts on “You had to be there”

  1. Brilliant! Loved it! Was Faye still there…!??! Roll on the first public meeting…Anyone willing to add their comments about being there today….?

  2. Well done team, couldn’t believe it when they said family and friends could get up and stand by the candidate. The only horrible thing is watching the body language of the three on the right (you know the ones flanking the little man in the middle) said that it didn’t matter what we did they had won and stuff you basically. Well we will have to show them what it’s like to be an arrogant self important politition. (That spelling doesn’t look right.)
    Roll on the next board meeting.
    Get your thinking caps on for a list of what you want to ask. And don’t forget to register for your 5 minutes of speaking time, that;s if Faye will allow the riff raff to speak.
    Will post the photos Andrew when I figure out how to do it.
    Kia Kaha everyone.

  3. Hey i have just listened to her Magesty and she campained under a false name!!!!!!

    1. The avatars are generated automatically. registered users on the site can upload their own.

  4. These 3 uploaded inauguration meeting videos have been viewed a total of 500+ times in 24 hours! Who says no-one cares about local politics.

    1. @Uroskin: Absolutely, spread the joy. It’ll be yesterday’s news (so to speak) soon so get it out there. Looking at my page stats it seems that Team Faye have been checking out the videos too – Oh to have been a fly on the wall!

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