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Guest writer Alan Knight reflects on the aftermath of the election.
Now that the election results are in and the surprising outcome is becoming apparent, the people I am most interested to watch are the professional doomsayers. The bleating, permanently depressed types who have, for the last few months clogged up the comments sections of the Herald with their gloomy nonsense about the real meaning of the Supercity.

You know the ones I mean. The ones who start each comment with variations on the theme of; “Now that Democracy has been destroyed in Auckland……” before rambling on about the likelihood of John Banks being allowed to bulldoze their homes with them still inside while Rodney Hide sells their children off to be made into pet food.

Where are these people now? Are they happy with the outcome that has left the ‘Corruption & Rorts’ party in tatters and Len Brown sitting in the Big Chair draped in Mayoral Bling? Are they flushing away their Prozac prescriptions and using thoughts of Mike Lee’s majority to keep them happy instead?

Somehow I doubt it. When sundry millenialist types trudge back down from whatever hill top they had chosen to sit out yet another postponed apocalypse you never see them looking happy at their deliverance. Quite the opposite in fact. But then again, if you’ve spent the last week giving away your worldly goods it’s going to be a bit awkward going to ask the neighbours if you can have your sofa back.

Our doomsayers probably never took their fervour quite that far and a good thing too. But where are these people now and what are they thinking? Are they glad that enough of their fellow voters looked long and hard at the issues and voted against the asset stripping of the city? Or is it possible that deep in their gloomy little hearts a C&R landslide was what they craved?

When you’ve nursed that chip on your shoulder for long enough is there not a chance that you might miss it if it were somehow brushed away by some well meaning person? When that cloud of self righteous gloom that’s kept you in its shadow since you first joined the Student Union all those years ago suddenly gets dispersed, do you then moan that you don’t have the right sort of sunglasses to keep the unaccustomed glare from your squinting eyes?

If you have any sense then no, you don’t. But since when was sense the main priority among the bleating Sheeple?

My advice right now is GET OVER IT. Enjoy the moment. Open a bottle of something nice and get the neighbours round to help you drink it. Then, tomorrow morning remember how lucky you are and think of ways to keep that luck running. After all, its not every day you get given a whole city.


2 thoughts on “Motivating the Sheeple”

  1. Fortuantely for doomsayers we have elected perhaps that last remaining vestige of C&R-era strong arm politicos who have revived block voting….poor Denise must be suffering a terrible case of nightmarish deja vu.

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