Meeting to prepare for Local Board Inauguration

Wednesday 5.45 at Charley Farleys.
For those considering an expression of concern about the behaviour of the Local Board candidates.

Posted on behalf of Joan Kirk.

8 thoughts on “Meeting to prepare for Local Board Inauguration”

  1. I have just witnessed a shocking trend already with some of my so called friends and people i know well. A lot of them are involved in Community organisations and they are withdrawing their indignation at what has happenened as they are going to have to work with certain members(not Denise) for funding, local government help in negotiating several things for the organisations they are involved with, so already they are running scared that they might upset the high and mighty and not get any help.
    As one said to me today Growup and get over it. Thought I was grown up just have an opinion and hate injustices.Scary

  2. Yes Joan, there will be a lot of that in the next few weeks. That’s how bullying works. Rather short notice on the meeting idea but I’ll stir myself and drive over the hill to join you.

  3. Still think we should practice our courtseying and quietly hum God Save The Queen (or La Marseillaise)

  4. Would have loved to come but didn’t see notice until now…..What did I miss?

  5. Me too but didn’t see this until now. Is there anything we need to know?

  6. Just got an email via Andrew this am…..I am planning on being there on Saturday, would LOVE to eb in the hall, though I imagine there has been ‘a ring around’ as Jim calls it & all four will have their chums there at 12.30pm! But, please feel free to email me or call me, am in the book 🙂 x

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