Media Watch Week 2: The Marketplace

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Once more to the news stands dear friends and let’s see what the print media have to offer us.
Last week’s ‘Fairfax’ seemed oddly out of step with the times, with no coverage in their news pages on the whole messy business and only the letters page to show that anything was amiss. Sultry editrix George Gardner was heard to observe that it being a long weekend, news ‘stopped happening’. An interesting take on solipsism if ever I heard one and we really need a philosophy expert to sort that one out for us. Answers on a postcard please.

But this week the story gets a full page of coverage with two stories, one laying out the basic stuff and another focusing on Mike Lee’s call for everyone to behave on Saturday. The tone is brisk and we shouldn’t be too surprised to find it somewhat dismissive of the concerns of many locals regarding the Gang of Four.

Onward we go to the extensive letters page where, after four letters on assorted other matters we come to the Faye-Gate correspondence. Here at last we get to hear from those who support the new board as it stands. Leaving aside letters from actual board members we have a grand total of seven letters voicing support, four of outrage and one that doesn’t really go either way.

Well, seven people is a fair start I suppose. Several of them refer to being in a ‘majority’ which seems a trifle over optimistic given how long it took them to appear. Like Jim Hannan’s ‘Core Support’ I expect they are too busy to get involved in all this and prefer to stay silent.

What does come across however is how the seven letters of support fail to understand more than the basic idea of what so many of us are worried about. There seems to be an idea that all we are protesting is the fact that Denise Roche was not elected Board Chairperson. Well I’m sorry, but this is nonsense. Certainly a lot of people would have liked to see her get the Big Chair, given her considerable popular support, but that’s NOT the main issue. Had the board met for the first time and voted against her in public we’d have accepted that. Nobody ever suggested that the highest polling candidate was automatically entitled to the chair, just that it should be an option.

The problem is the WAY IT WAS DONE. And to compound the matter, the way in which Faye and her supporters have behaved in the last ten days is not something that sits well either. Too much arrogance and not enough of the ‘Listening’ that all of them swore they were so good at during the campaign. They have been too ready to dismiss those of us who questioned them as;
Bad losers.
Conspiracy Theorists.
Gulf News Readers.
Looney Lefties.
And, worst of all A MINORITY.

Well fine. You folks go right ahead and build your ramparts of self belief. Reassure yourselves that you are right and anyone who dares say otherwise is simply wrong and therefore not worth listening to. Enjoy your three years of self importance.

Then, in three years time when you have to unlock the castle gates and mix with the common herd once more….Then we’ll talk.

3 thoughts on “Media Watch Week 2: The Marketplace”

  1. Absolutely, Alan . it was the manner in which they operated. The way in which they chose their roles was not open and inclusive. I also feel that when Denise (as the then still present councillor and board member) invited them to her place for an informal get together on that Sunday and none of them accepted that open invitation , their actions told me all I will ever need to know! Roll on 2013 !

  2. Thanks Alan what is all this rubbish about who is Chairperson, I really do not care it has simply become an easy battle ground for the Faye gang to fight instead at looking at their own conduct over the last 2 weeks. I voted for 2 of Faye,s gang for which I now believe was the first bad call I have ever made in my voting history. I thought this was about the community and what serves us in the best way, I now feel that the situation has got to a “point of no return” Time for a vote of no confidence in our elected community board, surely we have that right.

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