Oh this is MUCH better! If I cast any aspersions yesterday on the ability of our independent local newspaper to get its teeth into Faye-Gate with appropriate relish then I take it all back. Full marks to Liz Waters and the team at the Gulf News for their coverage of the big story.

There it is at the top of the front page. Yet I found myself thinking; ‘Full coverage on page 14?’ That seems a long way below the fold…’ Silly me, I’d forgotten that the Editorial and letters pages come first and what a mail bag! Fifteen letters printed out of however many they actually got and thirteen of those full of teeth gnashing over the whole messy business. Read them in full I urge you. The points raised are too numerous to get into here but all are worth consideration.

Then, on page fourteen we get down to the real meat of the story. All five board members get their say and it makes for uneasy reading. Faye Storer is sticking to her ‘I’m back in power. What I say goes’ position which is no surprise. Then we finally get to hear from Don McKenzie who has been silent up to now. ‘People have nothing to worry about’ says he. Oh, well, that’s alright then. He then goes on about ‘Objective Criteria’ which, given the passion and fury raised over all this seems a rather cold and bloodless way of dealing to the matter.

Then Hannan and Holmes let it all hang out. ‘In some ways it WAS a C&R caucus’ they announce. Oh joy. Just what we needed to hear. Jim then goes on to remind us that; “I have to go with my core support. They made it clear that’s what they wanted.”

Well personally I’m keen to hear from Jim’s ‘core support’ too. They seem to be very quiet at present. Maybe they are away on holiday? Or perhaps their computers have all broken down? Apart from Graham Guthrie’s reply on this site a few days ago and a short and rather strange letter on page thirteen from Kara Nelson of all people, those in support of our new board are keeping their heads well down. Maybe next week we may see some letters arguing the Gang of Four’s position. I for one will look forward to that.

Jim Hannan is also quoted as saying; ‘I believe in honesty. I will always be totally open.’ Excellent! I believe much the same. Which is why I can say the following with total conviction; Jim, you are a prating coxcomb. You have dug yourself a hole right in the middle of a septic tank and seem determined to keep digging. I will watch your fatuous antics over the next three years the same way I watched your ludicrous predecessor Nobilangelo.

So there you have it. Week one of Faye-Gate and the papers have had their say. Well done to all at the Gulf News. With the community in turmoil and disquiet our local paper rose to the challenge and delivered the goods. Now it is up to the Marketplace to raise their game accordingly.

2 thoughts on “MEDIA WATCH PART2. The Gulf News”

  1. Who ever thought the headline would read…’Waiheke, the Last C&R Stonghold in Auckland’
    I like that Jim actually said, “Well of course I have to do what my ‘constituents’ expect” -Priceless admission seeing that he refused to publish ANY of his views ANYWHERE, or speak about them in hustings- or declare himself anything recognizable- was his platform written somewhere in invisible ink? Cos I never saw it. Talk about bait and switch- Hey, they’re the Bait and Switch Board 🙂 And the idea that the local board will be run like a city council, serving Constituents’ needs.I know what he’s after- He’s stumping to get us taking him to lunch, curry favor with him so we can get….what exactly?

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