Media Watch Part Three. The Inauguration coverage.

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This wondrous story seems destined to keep us enthralled for a while yet. The letters pages of both papers seem to have settled down a little yet the letters are still coming in. I was amused to see that one correspondent described the heckling at the meeting as ‘Lewd’. Now I believe I know lewdness when I hear it and I certainly didn’t hear any last Saturday. But there you go, one man’s idea of boisterous democracy in action is another man’s idea of anarchistic madness.

Chris Walker from Waiheke Radio summed it up best. He wondered why there are those who view the recent upheavals with dismay when they should be celebrating the fact that our local inauguration was attended by the largest and most politically engaged crowd seen across the entire region. After all, can you imagine what some of them must have been like? Sparsely attended events featuring dull people in suits or ridiculous hats applauding politely and then going away to forget that it ever happened. That’s not the Waiheke way and I for one am damn glad of it and I’m pretty sure Len Brown was too.

However, I realise that not everyone feels this way and, since I have estimated that there could be as many as a dozen of you out there that HAVEN’T written to the papers to air your views yet, I have provided this handy all purpose letter.

To use the letter, simply delete the highlighted lines according to preference and send it off.


To The editor;

I was;
by the;
scenes at the Ostend Hall last weekend. The swearing in of our;

slightly dodgy/serious and responsible
new Local Board was;
by the;
boisterous free speech/anarchistic ravings
of a;
number of;
locals dedicated to democracy/crazed Bolsheviks.

many of whom had;
arrived early/clearly been drinking heavily since breakfast,
seemed determined to;
show their support/wreck the entire event.

It was clear that the new Mayor was;

at the support shown for;
popular local representative/crazed Maoist harridan
Denise Roche. In view of her;
Considerable majority vote/Insignificant support
Some people felt that she should;
At least be given a degree of influence/allowed to rule the island like some Soviet style despot.

The whole;
splendid event/drug fuelled rampage
made me;
to live in this community. If that’s freedom of speech in action;
I’m all for it!/then it’s time we looked at banning it.


One thought on “Media Watch Part Three. The Inauguration coverage.”

  1. Thank you Alan for your entertaining summary of events on the inauguration. I would like to think that people can learn to listen to each other and some of us can and some of us can’t, and, we can all learn even the old dogs that may be a bit hard of hearing.

    I thought the whole event was very enlivening. It was a delight to see our new Mayor, seemingly in his element. Where there’s energy and enthusiasm there’s hope. The new board needs to harness that energy.

    On the newswatch front, I was amused myself to find out from the Marketplace that the recount is not going ahead, having received an email the day before with the date for the recount. But then I read the article on that poor lad that was struck by lightning and had lost his right arm, with a very moving picture of some poor lad that had lost his left arm. Sorry George, couldn’t help that one.

    Who knows what the future will bring. I do know that if i end up on the board (and it’s not the easiest prospect right now I must admit) that i have an open mind, an interested mind and I don’t mind people telling me what they think, in fact i quite like it, i get most of my best ideas from other people. This is a time of enormous changes and things are going to look very different in 10 years time and I would like to see our community to be well prepared for the possibilities. That means we have to really open up our options in a way we have never done before and that scares the hell out of most people. So there’s lots of education needed, lots of dealing with insecurity and lots of kindness.

    Thanks you to so many people who have supported me with donations for the recount, you are very kind.

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