Straw Poll on the Local Board Chair

This poll is now closed there will be a new one on Monday.

After 5 days these are the final results:

Local Board Chair Poll results

Although voting was steady over the last 5 days the proportion shown here have been fairly consistent throughout. ย I know about self selection bais but this site is open to all and there has been plenty of opportunity to show support. ย The daily votes show no late charge for any particular viewpoint.

23 thoughts on “Straw Poll on the Local Board Chair”

  1. Can you publish the results of this in real time?? as the votes come in i mean.

    1. Sorry this particular poll software doesn’t work that way – it accumulates the results and I’ll post some graphs tomorrow. On the plus side it does have some protection against duplicate votes – so you folks trying to have several goes are wasting your time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The chairperson is elected by the members of the community board. To run polls amongst the population at large is why we recently held an election and we now live with the results. The board members having elected their chair on a democratic basis should now be left to get on with the task ahead ….and if any member is dissappointed, that goes with the territory! Under no circumstances should your news service be trying to influence things that have already been decided…..the time for that was before the election. NOW you should be attempting to bring the island together, to speak with one voice, on future matters over which the democratic process can work.

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for the contribution. I would like to clarify a few things:
      1. OneWaiheke is an open public discussion forum for Islanders rather than a News Service per se. You can say what you like here, You are invited to submit a longer blog post or article if you wish. It is a place where the island’s voice can be heard – and I encourage all viewpoints to be expressed here.
      2. All the Local Board candidates have been invited to comment or post articles here prior to this issue becoming widespread.
      3. Yes the island elected the members. However the roles have not been decided and cannot be decided until the first official meeting on the 6th Nov. The issue under discussion is whether certain members behaved properly in handling initial talks about nominations.
      4. Islanders clearly feel very strongly that the highest polling candidate might not be the chair of the Local Board. Or that their views might not be taken into account in allocating roles.
      5. You will note that the straw poll does not attempt to influence people’s answers – it simply solicits their opinion. I would point out that the NZ Herald regularly runs such polls.

      That said I look forward to your longer submission on this or any other issue facing the island.

      Regards Andrew

    2. Hi Graham,
      Surely it is of value for the Community Board to know the opinions of the Waiheke public and to hear our voice when we believe that they are not behaving in the community’s best interest? In the same way, we are free to lobby our representatives in both city and national governments. We all understand the system of governance by delegation to elected representatives, and yes, we accept that this is not mob rule by referendum on each and every issue. But this does not mean that after an election, we should leave our representatives to do as they please – especially when they appear to be acting out of vindictiveness rather than reason… we want an explanation and this is our way of eliciting one.

    3. You seem rather large on telling people -including many with much more experience of politics and deceits on this island- what they SHOULD do. You go to school with Faye?

    4. I am sure we would love to…only thing is Faye likes the sound of her own voice far too much for all of ours to be heard.

    5. Graham respectfully we can only speak with one voice if the process is fair, transparent and accountable. The results are the results I agree but the initial secret & unilateral process will now colour everything the Board says or does over the next three years.

  3. Personally I’m delighted that Graham Guthrie views our efforts here as a News Service. After all, how will the Gulf News and the ‘Weekly Fairfax’ deal with this developing story? Will they ignore it or try and make something of it? Whatever their contribution, I feel we are at least making an effort to keep issues like these alive and not confined to the Letters to the Editor pages.
    Graham seems to think we are misbehaving by daring to question the actions of those elected. Certainly the campaign was the time to ask the searching questions. The most important of these was asked at the Ostend Hall meeting when all candidates were asked if they had any problem working with any of the others. At the time, all candidates present said no. As recent developments have shown at least one of them was being ‘Economical With The Truth’.
    If we choose to raise questions about such behaviour then that is our right.

  4. The most important quality for a Chairperson is IMPARTIALITY.
    Faye and Denise are antagonistic to eachother so it is impossible for either of them to be a truly impartial Chair. Jo Holmes and Faye are just too close so the choice lies between Don and Jim. Don has had experience as a Chair while Jim probably not

    1. I have to disagree Trevor, Denise does not have an axe to grind and there is no antagonism on her part. This is a one-sided problem. The chair needs to be strong and balanced, and Denise is the only person with the skills and experience to pull it off well.

  5. My sentiment exactly Alan, the meeting at Ostend Hall directly influenced my voting decisions and now it is revealed that a certain candidate was not just economical with the truth, they were downright untruthful and yes Graham it does require an explanation to the wider community.

  6. The Local board is there to work for the local community the majority of the local community wanted Denise to represent us therefore she should be chair. If Faye cannot work with Denise then she should resign from the board,

    1. We didn’t read the fine print- yes Faye can work with Denise as long as Denise is willing to show up to meetings and receive her list of tasks along with everyone else. Good ole’ My Way Or The Highway Faye. Working with Faye means doing what she tells you. She did warn everyone- her campaign statements were all about what SHE was going to do. I have no doubt she sincerely believes she can run the whole shooting match herself.

  7. Last Wednesday evening, 20th October, I witnessed Faye Storer leaving the Ostend Service Centre in the company of Tony Sears, Ray Erikson, Eileen Evans and Nobil Angelo. What was going on?

  8. I feel that a poll at this time, after the fact, is divisive, not inclusive. Although I feel the decision was unethical and cheeky, Denise’s email reaction helped to create a controversy that will be difficult to overcome and working together will be next to impossible.
    My analogy:
    Imagine a husband. He has had an affair. Now imagine his wife.She throws his belongings on the front lawn and sets them on fire. Will the public remember the affair or the fire?
    Then people might think… what a wild wife… no wonder he had an affair.

    We need to get over our addiction to conflict and work together. And doing so sometimes requires grace and restraint.

    1. I agree Waiheke needs to find another way from conflict.
      I would be interested in your suggestion of how unethical and cheeky behaviour should be treated by the community. Should people express their views or keep quiet in order to be peaceful.

      1. As in my example about unethical behavior of a husband, if the wife “keeps quiet” the problem becomes clear all by itself, and the community will respectfully let the husband know he was in the wrong and is not to be trusted. I believe that if Denise told a few good friends to support her and help strategise, instead of initiate an island wide email account, the four other members would not have anything to pull or push against, only their own behavior, which of course would have been received with shock and dismay when the information was revealed.

  9. I guess no one who has commented here agrees with everything that has been said here – but I appreciate that the dialogue is happening.

    While online dialogue might be awkward and untidy at first (because we are not practiced at it), we now have more tools than even before, to share ideas (and perhaps even make collective decisions). It’s all a grand experiment.

  10. If you missed Island Life on Waiheke Radio this morning you can listen again here. Host Shirin Brown talks to Denise Roche about the current local board situation and suggest ways to move forward โ€“ The interview with Denise is approx 41 minutes into the show โ€“ Click here and press play โ€“

  11. Ignore the previous post – This link has (just) the interview with Denise – Island Life Waiheke Radio host Shirin Brown talks to Denise Roche about the current local board situation and suggests ways to move forward. Full interview –

  12. The time for anger has passed and the foursome have either gotten the message or not. Should Denise be chair? For mine a huge no. Chair and, by requirement, advocate to Auckland for the Storer crew and their proceedings is not the sentence Waiheke’s top polling candidate should be awarded.
    I believe Denise’s rightful place now is on the outer. The Lone Wolf. Waiheke’s Vixen. The mother of the pack. Unsullied by the Faye Brigade and ready for a genuine Waiheke board three years hence. Neither Mike Lee nor Len Brown will be unversed in what has transpired and as both are reasonable men I am confident they will keep their eyes on this ball.
    Denise – pull a sicky and even if the four come crawling to your door begging you take the chair do not answer.

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