Straw Poll – Day 4

The Chair poll will finish tomorrow so last chance to express an opinion. A new poll will start on Monday. Comment here for suggestions on the next question you would like to ask.

Oh and whoever tried voting a dozen times in a row for xxxx did you think I couldn’t tell.  I think the results are fairly clear and the proportions have not varied much day to day.

13 thoughts on “Straw Poll – Day 4”

  1. lol….Seems like others too went for Don as a better choice over Jim ‘Fullers’ Hannan!

  2. Was there the chance to vote for another other than the five? Don only had my straw pole vote because I wasn’t sure…let me know….Especially after reading his words in the GN!

    1. Yes you could type an alternative name into the 6th box. Although it was not labelled as such. That didn’t show up in the chart yet but I see from looking at the underlying data that Andy Spence also received a few votes.

      1. Am I able to remove my initial vote for Don and change it for Andy…?!?!

        1. sorry no – but then this is not an election its a straw poll. Its self selecting in that those who are happy with Faye’s approach probably don’t feel much motivation to visit this site.

          I will repeat again I am looking for someone, anyone who wants to write an article from the point of view of the ‘silent majority’ or Jim’s ‘moderate constituency’.

          1. I have not heard one word of good about Fay-Jo & Jim-Don, not even an over heard conversation……..Gosh really, well I guess there must be what at least 968 of them somewhere, Jims moderate folks?!?! Gosh, am sure there must a Faye-Jo lover out there who can with acute articulation put across a well rounded and interesting side…….anyone……anywhere………

  3. Judging by the grumblings I overheard on the ferry this morning, I’d say this is a pretty accurate reflection of public feeling. Not a happy ship at all…

  4. any chance of publishing the poll in a better font (arial) and size(12pt), i cant read it

  5. Having seen the way Don floundered at the joint Community Board/Local Board meeting that we had a week or two ago I am astounded that any one would consider him for deputy chair. The number of times he was off the point and unaware of high-profile local issues or uninformed about them was astounding and worrying. His contributions to the discussion were valueless. He is a very nice man, yes, but a blind man cannot be a member of the local board. It is impossible to do that job without eyes. He should never have stood.

    At that meeting there was no friction visible between Denise and Faye.

    It is a pity the meeting was not open to the public. I tried to get that, but was shot down.

    1. Nobilangelo – this is a disgraceful comment. It is one thing to comment on someone’s grasp of issues and their aptitude for a role but to suggest someone is unable to fufil a leadership or governance role because of visual impairment is not only offensive but stupid. Don is a very good example, through his business and civil engagement, that blindness is not an impairment. I thought about calling for your comment to be moderated but I actually think it is better that it remains. In the end your comment tells us more about you than Don and I for one don’t like what it tells me at all.

  6. No admin, they didn’t did they???! My god, what a silly person they were!

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