Jo Holmes responds

An individual who supported Jo Holmes requested her side of events in response to Denise’s email. That person also asked for permission to forward that response to those that asked in the email thread which Jo gave the go ahead.

Dear [name removed]

I have been subject to 4 days of nasty, inaccurate and insulting emails, texts, and phone calls since Denise’s husband, John Stansfield, sent the following email on Saturday to Denise’s supporters and the wider community.

“just to let you know that Denise has been totally done over by the right on the local board. The other memberds were invited by her to lunch the day after the election but did not come, choosing instead to meet several times without inviting Denise so that they could allocate all the plum jobs without her. Yesterday they presented her with a typed page which makes Fay chair, Jo deputy, Jim the spokesperson on youth waste tourism, the recreation centre (which Denise has done for 3 yrs) She was also shut out of the council of social services area and civil defence which she had requested.
Denise is very fragile after a vicous and humiliating meeting at which the 4 other board members explained they did not have confidence in her and disputed that she had any mandate. She needs the support of her fiends right now as he faces 3 long years with people who are starting their political term by a nasty act of political bastardry”

You have at least done what few others have bothered to do and ask me
what happened.

At a briefing with Council officials a week ago they asked us to have a meeting to elect the Chair and Deputy and allocate portfolios so we could hit the ground running on 1 Nov, official start of the new Auckland City. At the same meeting both Denise and Faye raised their hands saying they wanted the Chair. It was decided to hold the meeting to elect the Chair and Deputy at 2pm on Thursday. Denise lobbied Jim and Don while we were still at Council. She never spoke to me on the matter as it was well know I campaigned with Faye and she assumed, rightly, there would be no point. Faye’s experience alone makes her the obvious Chair. The procedure for electing the Chair and Deputy is on a one man one vote basis with the majority deciding the outcome.

By the Thursday meeting Faye had obviously also lobbied Jim and Don and got their support. With a four to one majority for both Chair and Deputy Faye was elected Chair and myself deputy. As requested Faye was anxious to get on with the business in hand and brought with her a list of ‘possible’ portfolios. These were discussed for over an hour. Denise withdrew her name from several portfolios because of conflict of interest. The ‘possible’ portfolios are not set in concrete but do reflect the skill sets of each Board member.

And there you have it. Due process has been followed. There were no secret meetings.

Since then Denise has spit the dummy big time, thrown the toys out of the cot, and the four of us have been subjected to a mountain of inaccurate and sometimes abusive communications.

Much of this will be in today’s Marketplace and the whole of Gulf (Green) News will be full of it tomorrow. If it’s true we have no confidence in Denise you can see why that might be.

I trust this gives you sufficient background to have faith in your new Board. We are responsible, mature group of independently minded people anxious to move ahead and get on with the job.

Jo Holmes

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  1. Hello, in light of the responses received from Jo and Jim, can anyone please enlighten me, as to what, if any, process is available to show ‘No confidence’ in our newly elected local board? Without wanting to cause another expensive coromandel debacle, would a petition with a percentage of the islanders’ signatures, be listened to? I am ashamed to say that I voted for Faye – but I did not vote for her to become the ‘Queen of Waiheke’!

  2. Morning Kim….Well, a petition would be great I think, (I can help) but also letters to the four, explaing how you feel etc, and calls/emails/letters to AK Mayor. I fail to see how he can possibly swear them i when we, the community they serve, have no confidence in them at all. Being there on Saturday for the swearing in as well, to show your support NOT to have them as board…..Anna Bray would be a good person to contact too….I will let you know any others….Have you joined the Facebook group Do you want Denise Roche to be chair person…etc.etc….? Anna

  3. Actually Jo, I did ask you for your comments, and your reply, in text speak, was no, read it in (my old newspaper) next week….so don’t give me that no one asked for your thoughts/comments, because darling I did!

  4. No, no faith at all actually….there are HUGE holes in your account, and your obvious dislike of Denise shines through in the dismissive, petulant manner in which you talk about her, and the loving way you talk about Faye (Your BBF I am told!) Also, the board was not TOLD to make a definitive choice, just to talk about it and be ready. You & Faye have chosen to hear what you want to get you what you want. At least the Gulf News has some balls because your old paper seems to have been castrated, but maybe that’s because you own their building……The Gulf News printed what they had, nothing came in in support of what you had done….Maybe now you can have confidence in your community and listen to what they want…..step down, find a hole, and take Faye with you!
    NB: Maybe you & Faye should get together & write some letters of support for yourselves and pretend they come from other people….oh wait, hasn’t that already been done?

  5. “And the four of us have been subjected to a mountain of innacurate and sometimes abusive communications”

    Well if that’s the case I’m sorry to hear it. No need for personal abuse, surely…

    That said, I’m irritated by this response for two reasons.

    1) The obvious assumption that ‘Due process followed’ = ‘Oh, that’s alright then’. No it doesn’t. To me, it’s just another way of saying: ‘We won, you lost; get over it’. And anybody who’s lived on this Island for the last three years should surely know how popular that approach made Councillor Bhatnagar and co….

    2) The tedious barb about the ‘Green’ Gulf news (see also: Jim Hannan’s response). So you don’t like the newspaper’s coverage. Fair enough. But like it or no, the paper does represent the views of a lot of people on Waiheke, and if you’re running for public office, needlessly churlish remarks like this don’t exactly engender sympathy.

    I really do hope this can be resolved sensibly. And preferably before the meeting next weekend…



  6. Hi Anna, Thanks for the facebook site, I hadn’t seen that. And, I will try and get some emails sent to the gang of four today! Re the petition, do you think there is enough interest to start one? cheers

  7. ps – can anyone please tell me where i can find email addresses for faye etc? I have looked and can’t find them anywhere online. thanks!

    1. If you want to talk to all the Local Board in one go use the form on our contacts page. Your email will be sent to all the members and they will be able to reply directly to you.

  8. Jo even mocks the Gulf News in her letter. ( No vote next time Jo. I am so embarrassed) I hoped we had not voted in a bunch of upstarts but……… They need to know they work for us and everyone is now aware and they are being watched very carefully.
    Experience alone makes some one a good chair…….the sheer arrogance………. we will see………………….. they are not listening to the people
    Rotary.. Fulers…. Jo sold out to Fairfax…………. and faye got in and she used Jo to do so..

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