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This letter was passed to OneWaiheke using the Contacts form. I judge from Jim’s invitation to circulate that its ok to print here. [ed]

Dear Jim,
I am deeply upset and shocked at the way the new board seems to be handling things. I have heard about decisions being made between yourself, Don McKenzie, Faye Storer and Jo Holmes, leaving Denise Roche out. I am asking myself how does that support and represent our community? What happened to transparency? Regardless of who I voted for in the elections I would like to see a board that supports each other and communicates and argues if need be but not just bypasses conflict. I hope that the four of you will come clean in this and
include Denise in your decision making. Even if you personally don’t agree with her views she is representing our community as well as the four of you as enough voters have proven.
I am interested to hear what you have to say about that decision making process.
Regards Tina

Dear Tina.

Yours is the only e.mail I have replied to, for it is entirely reasonable in its content.

From my point of view the election of Chair was clear cut. Faye Storer has the experience and ability to deal with the great detail of Board Meetings.
The real difficulty was the selection of Deputy Chair.
Given the animosity that exists between Denise Roche and Faye Storer, and with being strong minded women I simply could not see them working together in any harmony.
This then left Don McKenzie and myself in a very invidious position.
Both of us as Vision Waiheke electees simply want to do our very best for the Island with no ambition beyond that.

From my point of view the issues were:
1/ To somehow keep the women apart and have a Board that works for the Island as a whole and not just for sectional interests.
2/Denise Roche in her role as Councillor was elected as an Independent, then proceeded to be anything but that.
3/ In the just completed election Denise was careful NOT to put the word Independent after her name.
This indicates the Board has a Green Party Member. Nothing wrong with that , except that it is my view that Denise will be running for the Green Party in next years’ General Election with a quite reasonable chance of success.
Rightly or wrongly, on this basis, I could not vote for Denise as Deputy Chair. The resulting choice was Jo Holmes, who I believe will do an excellent job without fear or favour.
4/For the record I am a member of National Party. This was declared right at the start of the campaign.
5/As for Denise I for one wish to work productively for the Island with with her . My belief is that the other Members feel the same. The ball is now in Denise’s court.
Assuming I survive the current recount process, my absolute commitment to you and all sections of this diverse and vibrant community is this: I will be even handed in any decision making process I am involved in.

Footnote: Both our local papers also have a part to play. Marketplace has shown itself to be even handed in it’s reporting. Sadly with Gulf News one could be forgiven for believing it to be nothing more than an organ for Green Party. Hopefully it can become more balanced going forward.
Feel free to circulate this e.mail as you see fit. Regards

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  1. Quite unbelievable. The Marketplace ‘Even Handed’? I think ‘Muzzled’ was the term he should have used. The Gulf News reported the story in a professional way reflecting the fury of the community and if there were no letters printed supporting the board elect then that’s simply because there weren’t any.
    This man’s lack of any kind of grip on reality is astonishing.

  2. Marketplace is in Jo Holmes’s building… Of course they won’t say anything…

  3. If you missed Island Life on Waiheke Radio this morning you can listen again here. Host Shirin Brown talks to Denise Roche about the current local board situation and suggest ways to move forward – The interview with Denise is approx 41 minutes into the show – Click here and press play – http://www.waihekeradio.org.nz/islandlife

  4. Were I in Denise’s shoes I would be mightily relieved to not be this board’s advocate.

  5. Ignore the previous post – This link has (just) the interview with Denise – Island Life Waiheke Radio host Shirin Brown talks to Denise Roche about the current local board situation and suggests ways to move forward. Full interview – http://www.waihekeradio.org.nz/node/1027

  6. What I read in Jim’s response is a lack of awareness of how a group decision making process actually works. He was asked specifically about the way they left Denise out of the process and instead of addressing the process he talks about his estimation of the situation. I am also surprised that in his first, and he says only, email response he immediately moves to attacking Denise personally. This speaks to a break down in communication already. I find it ethically questionable or worse to be repeating rumours he has heard about Denise’s speculated future career in politics…. projecting that she would win (? mystic abilities?) and these are his grounds for not choosing her. After that I become incensed that he dares to say, “We have a Green Party member”, when he hid his C&R predilection til after the votes were in.

  7. Oh I’m sorry, but the pillock lost me at “keeping the women apart” WTF!!!!!!!! I’ll have to have a glass of bubbles, aclme down and come back to this bollocks when I have washed the floor, cooked dinner, massage my husband po tense shoulders, put the kids to bed, cleaned the kitchen, pu teh washing through the magal and done my duty for Queen & Country….. Argh…I am seething!

      1. Argh…I am walking aaround the house, listening to VERY loud music but all that repeats in my ears is those words……my god and this type of man MAY be one of five who is there for ME…..what a joke!

  8. What a vile little man…those 1348 people that voted for him must be so proud to have him representing their views for the betterment of the wider Waiheke community. Is it too late to hope a recount will displace him?

    The fact the idiot also copied in Len Brown and Mike Lee plus the other board members is incredulous and speaks volumes!

  9. Give some credit to Jim for at least replying to an email. Will we ever hear from the others? I doubt it. However his reasons for his choice of Chair/ deputy are not valid ones. He has assumed the two women would not get on. Perhaps if he had given Denise the chance he may have seen otherwise. Old style politics is out Jim, there is new blood in the council, where inclusiveness is to be the main aim. Look at Wellington . Fancy a Green Mayor? Times are changing so it would be great if our board members could keep up with the play and work co-operatively from the start . I understand Denise invited you all around to an informal visit where you might have got to know one another before any meeting but the fact none of you took her up on that, indicated your position from the start . You say you treat things with an EVEN HAND. I look forward to you doing so, so please stop inventing untruths about Denise .

  10. Morning,

    Only discovered this site a few days ago, but have very much enjoyed (if that’s the right word given the current debacle..) the coverage and analysis.

    Would anybody be able to tell me a bit more about ‘ferry ticket gate’? I saw it – somewhat cryptically – alluded to in a letter to the [FREE!] Marketplace last week, but didn’t fully understand the implications.

    So, what, specifically are the accusations being levelled at Mr Hannan? And do people think there’s any substance to them?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. we need to be careful here that people do not make actionable unsubstantiated accusations of irregular behaviour of anyone involved in the election process. As far as I know some questions have been raised about whether Fuller’s support of some local sports organisations in the form of free ferry passes, during the election period and under Jim’s auspices may or may not have crossed the line of treating. This is for officials to decide, on evidence rather than hearsay.

      If Fullers were regularly in the habit of supporting organisations in this way and no mention of the election was made then all well and good. If someone were to suggest that people should be voting for Jim because of the tickets that would be an issue. If anyone has personally witnessed actions (from any candidate or the representatives) during the election that might constitute cheating they should come forward.

      1. PS the issue is not whether anyone actually changed their vote or would or would not have voted for someone anyway, rather whether an attempt to influence was made.

  11. Thanks Andrew – that’s very useful to know.

    And apologies if I phrased my question[s] badly. Certainly don’t intend on making any accusations; I’d just seen the phrase mentioned a few times and wanted to get a clearer understanding of what it meant. I have that now, so will leave it there.

    Thanks again.


  12. “To somehow keep the women apart” Gosh, that says it all really. Patronising and dismissive, Jim. No surprises there….
    and “and have a Board that works for the Island as a whole and not just for sectional interests.”
    A board that works for the Island as a whole is a board that brings together all the sectional interests that make up the diverse community of Waiheke! Doh!

  13. I have a list of questions for both Fullers and the electral office, re the tickets
    I am sending it off tomorrow

  14. where theres smoke theresusually a fire….
    all the ingredients are there..tickets..votes…

    I dont know the guy but his comments apear to be pretty sexist, and displays a certain prejudice for greens, so i assume he’s open to other avenues of biogotry too..

    I find it amazing he copied the new Mayor into his email…actions of a complete political novice..with a stagering level of inneptitude.

    well done waiheke local board! youve succeded in the impossible making waiheke politics look worse than it allready did, and thats before you even got into office. Thank heavens the local board delegated powers were not enshrined in the Auckland Acts. Maybe we can requenst the new council delegates nothing to them untill our board members can demostrate they can represent the wished of the voters and act in a transparent manner

    Advice for Jim incase your reading this..as the old saying goes its better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm it. so maybe best to just shut up and listen for a while.

  15. By the way Mr Hannan, there was no animosity on Denise’s part so don’t buy that load of the preverbiale it was all Faye.
    Makes me wonder how she is going to work with Mike Lee she had a grudge on him too from even further back.
    Vengance is a sad thing.and usual it comes back to the person in the form of Karma.
    Will be posting a letter being sent to the Mayor etc tomorrow.

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