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Well, this is not a good start. Suddenly, all the campaign analysis I was working on gets brushed aside by the news from within our new supposedly ‘united’ Local Board. In what appears to be a well organised power grab, Denise Roche has suddenly found herself marginalised by the rest of the members who met without her to divide up the board’s powers for themselves before presenting her with the results of their deliberations.

Team work? Forget it. All that stuff during the campaign was just to get your vote. So what if Denise Roche polled highest? Seems that counts for nothing. The rest of the ‘team’ have better ideas and you the voter will just have to get used to it.

If you didn’t catch Faye Storer’s interview on Waiheke Radio this morning then I urge you to go to the website and listen carefully. As a display of political evasiveness it was masterful. As a taste of what is to come it was chilling. When asked about the emails and phone calls that have been flying around the community in the last twenty four hours she denied any knowledge of them. Then she went right ahead and proved she knew exactly what was being referred to. But every question got side stepped with Storer’s well worn stock of patronising clichés. I find myself wondering how many times we can hear our new Local Board chairperson presumptive utter the words; ‘What you have to realise…’ before we have them carved into a large piece of four by two and beat her round the head with it.

Oh I’m sure the Gang of Four will spend the next few weeks smugly justifying themselves. The tattered remains of our two local papers will vaguely attempt to cover the matter in their usual semi literate fashion. And the liberal left, after much hand wringing, group hugs and cups of herbal tea, will fire off a few petulant and long winded letters in support of a local representative who deserves so much better from everybody.

Faye Storer must be so proud. The new board hasn’t even met formally yet and already we have an issue so divisive that the inaugural meeting will be marred by protest. Won’t that look good to the rest of the city?

I could think of a few rude words to describe her right now. But I’m going to go with the worst of the lot. Politician.


  1. Very disappointed with the gang of four. Their behavior is no different to what the rest of Auckland voted against – right wing bulling.
    Their behavior is not the Waiheke way.

  2. I am disgusted and shocked at this behaviour. Bullying was the previous mayor’s way of working and in doing so he upset Faye when she was councillor. Now we see the same tactics being used by a board which has still to be sworn in. Shame on the four of you. This is not the Waiheke way. This is not democracy.

  3. Jan says
    I too am disappointed, but don’t believe Jo, Jim and Don were part of this. My understanding is that Faye drew up the list and tabled it at the meeting on Thursday which all Board members attended. I interviewed Faye on Waiheke Radio on Saturday. She admitted drawing up the list herself and stated it would not be official until ratified by the new Local Board at its first meeting in December. Hopefully the Board members will have the courage to change this and not accept it as a “Faye d’accomplice”!

  4. Let’s hope that the new Auckland Council will seem fit to bestow as few powers as possible on the local board so the gang of Four can’t do much damage. Our island interests will from now on rest in Mike Lee’s hands to argue them at the big table where real power lies. The Scream Team on the Local Board should then be consigned to oblivion.

  5. I too am shocked at the recent events that are so unlike anything I would label Waihekean and I have lived here for 28 years. After Faye sending all those letters under her boyfriend’s name claiming how great she was and how stupid we were not to vote for her last time we now see her for truly the nasty person she is. What I want to ask is this, what can we do as a community about this whole state of vindictiveness. How can we let this group know of our feelings? We are after all the best protesters in New Zealand so we must be able to do something. Has anyone got any ideas, please post them so we can all do something positive to help Denise who has done such magnificent and truly marvellous things for our community. I have cut out all the four photographs and asked the Universe to sort it out in the best way and I usually get results, maybe we are being tested as a community to really stand up for what we believe in, who knows.

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