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I’ve been heartened by the huge response from people concerned about the first decision – for the chair and deputy chair – being made by our new local board and once again our community has demonstrated that it has a strong sense of fair play. Despite all our best efforts however I’ve had no response to suggest that any of the board members have changed their minds.

All those emails, letters, phone calls, facebook and web page comments are not wasted though.  The mass action by so many people in our community has sent a very clear signal to every member of the local board that the community will not be left out of local decision making and it’s a fine start for ensuring that the board ‘engages’ with the community.  For the new members particularly the level of concern that people have expressed to them is a wake up call reminding them that elected representatives do need to be accountable to the whole community.

The inauguration is on Saturday and I’m determined to work with this new board for the best interests of Waiheke. I don’t want to squander the opportunity that so many people fought so hard for us to have when we made submission after submission after submission during the creation of the super city that resulted in us getting our own local board. So I’ll offer another olive branch to the new board members so that we can work together. If it’s refused it doesn’t really matter – I’ve got a whole damn olive grove at my disposal.

I want the swearing in meeting this weekend to be well attended and I also want it to be orderly.   Hope to see you there.

Denise Roche

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  1. I’d like to endorse Denise’s request for order in our behaviour on Saturday . I suggest the best way to show our support or otherwise is to refrain from any clapping when the board members names are called up but offer our loudest support when Denise ‘s name is presented. Len Brown and Mike Lee will already know of the problems and for the sake of Waiheke moving forward we should appear as responsible citizens, not jeopardising Denise’s role with so called trouble makers. That would only get the backs up of all the others.

  2. I commend this ‘witnessing’ of our disapproval and our support by Denise. Numbers will really make it work. Although I would be interested in the way the Board has not followed the letter of the law and still hoping to hear from our legal beagles.

    1. Oh Sue, tell me more about that….? I am very interested in this point…Thanks, Anna

  3. Order? Damn, and I was planing on bringing along a six-foot olive branch, sharpened to a point at one end 😉

  4. I also agree with Denise that Sat’s inauguration should be conducted in a dignified manner, while hopefully many people will turn up & will refrain from applauding + maybe even turn there backs to the other 4 candidates…. After that it’s it’s time to turn the page & work with the local board members to ensure the best outcome for Waiheke in the long-term..

  5. Keen though I always am on loud noises and public disorder, I’m inclined to agree with Denise on this. We really do need to be dignified about this on Saturday. No point letting the horrible behaviour of our new ‘representatives’ make us look like idiots in front of the new mayor.

  6. The actions of the new board speak for themselves. Any sort of protest or opposition will be seen as a minority of islanders addicted to conflict. The protest will become the issue, not the actions of Faye and company. If you truly wish for peace and harmony, than only attend the service if you would have before, to support a family member or friend on their new role of service. Any other attendance in the name of “support for Denise” or “no confidence” will be seen as adversarial and be counter productive. As long as two sides are pulling on a rope, it is a game.

  7. Can’t quite agree with you there Kimberly. Denise should have all the support she deserves, for without her submissions we may not even have had a local board and we need to acknowledge this on Saturday.

  8. Agree with Judy here. I quite frankly don’t care who thinks what on Saturday. I will do as the others will suggest but why should we pretend that everything is smelling of roses when it smells more like the septic tank. I will be there to support Denise and her induction, nothing more thier not worth wasting my time on.
    Don’t forget there was no democratiic process for having the Super City it was foisted on us by Rodney hide and National, too bad if we didn’t want it. And the same with this pathetic board.
    I will behave on Saturday as that is Denises wish, maybe I could sit beside lindsredding with his olive branch!
    I will forever hope for Karma.

  9. Here is my analogy. The new elected officials got a plate of cookies that they were trusted to divide fairly. They didn’t. In fact, they went wild and ate the whole plate leaving one of them, the one voted to get the most cookies, nothing. They will be standing on Saturday with cookie crumbs all over their mouths. Their behavior was obvious.

    An olive branch extension makes no sense in this situation, Denise did nothing. It just is an odd gesture.

    Now imagine lots of signs and protest about the cookies. (You stole her cookie!! signs, an audience full of cookie eaters..) The focus then will be off the cookie crumbs all over their faces. They will say, see, we needed to eat the cookies, we needed to protect the rest of the island from all of those hoodlums. See, they have to make a big deal about every thing.

    They will feel justified, not guilty. Their offence is so obvious, I believe it is counter productive to protest in this case.

    1. Think you might be missing the cultural nuance here kimberly, a little less of the surrendered wives, ropes and cookies. You are uncomfortable with protest, fine, you are living in a community that is not

      1. I’m not uncomfortable with protests. I like them when I think that they can be helpful and effective.

        My point is: in this instance, I think that a protest is actually more divisive and ineffective.

        You are welcome to disagree, or protest. 🙂

  10. Waiheke people will do what they normally do, show up. It’s what we do best. The island has been through enough of these types of things I think we can trust everyone to use their best judgment and behave appropriately. We are not a rabble, we are a community, albeit an outraged one.
    The local board is starting out using business-as-usual political maneuvering, so anything less than a strong presence allows the foot in the door for more and more abuse of office and twisting of truth. You can intervene in the beginning when the problem is small, or you can intervene at the end when the problem is out of control. The forces in play will proceed to their logical conclusion regardless, unless something is added which changes their course.
    They work for us.
    Their swearing in is their oath of faithful service to us, to live up to our standards and to their own promises. If you don’t hold people to it, it can open the door to greater transgressions. Public servants must be held accountable, who will do it if not us?
    The reason I will behave myself is that I think the most powerful statement that can be made is my trust in Denise as a leader and so following her lead. She has been in the trenches with us fighting to have a local board at all- we would have been subsumed into Waitemata without her work.
    Regardless of who is sitting on it, the one thing we can authentically celebrate is the fact of the local board’s existence; the culmination of over a year’s worth of work by Denise and many others.

  11. Maybe someone could make large cards,say 1/2 mitre by 1/2 mitre more or less(A3),saying “We support Denise”.On the reverse side could be written “Fair Play is the Democratic Way”.I think silence is important and powerful.But it is important to not be voiceless.I think this is a very odd situation that occurred.I hope the legal begals will inform us to their decision before 6 November.

  12. I don’t know that placards of that size Roberta is ‘dignified’ in the way Denise is hoping we will show our presence. For me ‘witnessing’ a situation is about being present in numbers and then possibly solemn when some members of the board are inaugurated and in contrast & separately supportive of someone excluded from decision making processes – a flower, a clap for Denise. The result we can’t change, the process we have every right to comment on and continue to ‘witness’ to.

  13. Having lived here for 28 years and remembering when our Waiheke County Council decided to do something without community support we would stop paying our rates and we got the Councils notice. We all have power in this situation silent or not. And I have seen over the years the people who did not behave in an appropriate manner being accepted but quietly ostracised. Not sent the invite to the party, not given the job, not helped out and gradually the person would decide that maybe Waiheke was not such a great place to be and leave. Problem solved. I will be using my old Waiheke ways to get my point across. No advertising in that paper, no going for treatment there, not being served by that person. 2239 people cannot be wrong.

    1. And there Jasmin you have the truth of it. A community remembers. It even gives second chances it seems.

  14. Surely the easiest way would be to block the entrance to the building and politely tell the visiters that we are happy to see them and welcome them to waiheke.
    We can then also state that we as a community are not ready to accept the board until they have resolved their issues. We need a strong united board that works together for the best of us all, I do not feel that is the case at present. They should work together to resolve the issues then they can be sworn in. No need for “local entertainment”

  15. HA HA I have a solution to sort this out before the meeting. All 5 should be put in stocks at the market on Saturday morning, then the one with the least rotten local organic vegetable on their faces gets the chair. I am serious must be my English back ground!

  16. Not a placard just a greeting card,A3 or A4 to be held.Honestly I feel so sad that such a dilemna ,problem cannot be sorted in a peaceful way.You sort of feel so disempowered that you have to work out yourself how to network in the pseudo- quasi-democracatic age we live.Also people come and go on Waiheke so continuity is difficult to maintain a boycott.It could be that karma,prayers for justice may sort it out.Maybe ,maybe not.So many variables come into play.Service to community,structural urban changes,personal loyalty,ego’s,greed, fair play,injustice etc.Also pier pressure,fear,style,thinking things through and not,consequences,contradiction in terms and on and on.I guess the fairest way out is just a dream ie each member has 6 months as a chairperson.Money goes into a community Board Account and each member gets a bonus for their work as chair during their 6 months.Conversely every body gets the same amount of dosh and takeas turns.Or person who gets the chair and assistant works long hours for less and takes responsibility phonecalls and emails and holds a weekly review with the people in an office or cafe.Hmmmm! Time heals or Time unattended can make quality of life worse.

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