And the results are…

A little late – as I’ve been away. So you probably already know, but anyway for completeness and shamelessly pulled from the excellent website.  The members of the new LB are: Denise, Faye, Jo, Don, and Jim.

Commiserations to Andy who came within 18 votes of making the board.

I wish to congratulate the winners and almost everyone else on a very engaged and open process.  Hat tip to the Gulf News for an interesting and revealing hustings where the groups sat down to work on some real world problems. Two Thumbs up to Waiheke Radio for all the coverage including the candidate interviews, website questions and best of all the opinionated islanders dream and scream teams – I’m looking forward to their Post Mortem next month

One thing we learn from the results is that for all its much vaunted engagement still 2 in every 5 people on the island didn’t bother to vote.  They really don’t care who is on the board.  Of those that did vote it seems that a well known name or face goes a long way.

Total Population 5979
Number who Voted 3857
percent voting 64.5%

Sadly no board members under 47. A Youth Council is called for I think.

Interesting that in between the preliminary results and the final count – i.e those voters who left things until the last day. Denise picked up an extra 200 votes while Faye picked up nearly 300, Everyone gained somewhat but it didn’t change the final result.

And in other news…

Len Brown wins the Mayorality – to few peoples surprise.

And Mike Lee takes the Waitemata Ward as our Councillor.

As you can see from the graphs Mike had the biggest margin of anyone and Alex should have known better than to propose reticulation for Waiheke.  In fact I note that he backpeddled on that in a letter to the Marketplace in the last week – but I doubt anyone believed him.

Thumbs down to the Marketplace newspaper for proclaiming ‘independence’ while burying 5 of the candidate profiles in the middle of the property pages.

Thumbs down to Herb for suggesting he should have the chance to review letters to the paper before they were published, for not answering any questions online, not turning up at hustings and saying ‘its tough’ to anyone who didn’t like his way of working on the board.

Here is hoping that the board will work well together and for the interests of ALL islanders not just the interest groups that supported them.  Here is hoping that Jim will not find he has a conflict of interest between representing the island and working for Fullers – especially as they raise prices excessively again.

What they promised:

Based on notes I took in meetings and published statements here are some of the things the winners promised.  Check back here next year to see how they delivered.

Denise Roche

  • I want to see more of that local talent harvested and used in  local decision making. I want much more local scrutiny of the spending of our rates and to build a local authority admired for its wise stewardship of ratepayer resources.
  • I will seek a review of policy so we are sure the guiding principles and rules of our planning reflect what we want and do. For example I do not want to see local businesses unable to erect a modest sign while the city plasters the island with motorway style signs.
  • I will get the skate park finished while skating is still popular with our youth!
  • I want to see more public space opened up for public enjoyment so that our reserves and green spaces become even more of an attraction for visitors who contribute to our local economy.
  • I want our reserves to officially join the private land at Te Matuku and the Forest and Bird reserves on the island that have been included in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.
  • I want Waiheke to become accepted as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
  • I want Waiheke to successfully bid for National Cycleway funding.

Faye Storer

  • We need to ensure that the rates remain reasonable and affordable.
  • The Waiheke Walkway Network is now well established and needs on-going maintenance and expansion in the long term.
  • I’m a strong advocate for the environment and a sustainable future.
  • much land still needs weed control and re-afforesting
  • more jobs on the island.
  • clean water

Jo Holmes

  • As much local governance and delegated power and control of our own affairs as possible
  • Any measures that threaten to make it harder for commuters, tourists, islanders or businesses to have access to the city via the Matiatia transport hub should be vigorously opposed
  • I will support measures that make it easier for businesses to grow and create employment opportunities
  • improve local amenities, particularly for the young and old.
  • foster sustainable practices that protect our unique environment.

Don McKensie

  • The new Board will need to caucus, unite and to put money into systems and processes that connect all strands of the community to the Board and its delegated powers.
  • The strength of the waiheke lobby will rest with informed bottom-up planning and priority setting.
  • we need local alliances and fresh constructive thinking.
  • we need to grow employment and business opportunities, consistent with the Island’s environment and culture
  • preserve the unique character of the island

Jim Hannen

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and Jobs
  • Will work to get whole Waiheke represented – engage the silent majority.
  • And a swimming pool and squash courts

4 thoughts on “And the results are…”

  1. Andrew … Nice stuff. Good to see the “promises” written down like this. No nod to the radio coverage though? 🙂

    1. Thanks, omission noted and amended. feel free to add other ‘promises’ from your material to the comments and I’ll integrate it in.

  2. Yes, Waiheke Radio deserve great credit for actually providing some genuine analysis during the campaign. Both papers coverage seemed a bit flat, focusing mainly on reprinting anything the candidates wrote about themselves without ever digging deeper into what each one meant or represented.
    Still, between the radio and this excellent site we should be able to work local politics a bit harder in future.

  3. And in the end after the specials it was 5 votes behind Jim Hannen. Now if you’re out there and you couldn’t be bothered to vote, now you know that your vote really can count.

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