Select Committee report on 3rd Auckland Bill Released

The Select Committee on Auckland Governance has released its report on the 3rd Auckland Bill today. Some changes are proposed in response to the overwhelming opposition from submitters on aspects of the proposals, however nothing substantial has changed.

There will still be 7 CCOs set up and their Boards appointed prior to the Auckland Council being elected, however the Chair & Deputy for each CCO will be appointed by the new Council and there will be some spare seats on the Boards for Council to appoint. Council now also have the ability to sack Board members from all CCOs from Day 1 and appoint new ones.

Roles and powers of the Local Boards have still not been defined. There are some suggestions, but they will not be able to make their own decisions or bylaws. Remuneration for Local Board members & Councilors will have to be defined by July 15.

CCOs will be able to make decisions and bylaws but will have to be more transparent & Council can instruct them to hold meetings that are open to the public. They will have to have regard to the Spatial Plan.

The Spatial Plan will have to have regard to the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act and other local Acts.

The report tries to reassure that water privatisation and sale of public assets is not on the agenda, but the release of the Local Government Amendment Act Bill this week shows that this is clearly untrue.

Public assets will be transferred to CCOs.

The Pacific and Ethnic Advisory Panels will still only last for 1 term of 3 years.

The Maori Advisory Board will still have no power to influence Council decisions.

There will be no Youth Council.

You can download the full report here: 0DA91B/143605/DBSCH_SCR_4748_LocalGovernmentAucklandLawReformBil.pdf