Welcome to OneWaiheke

OneWaiheke is a web site for all of Waiheke.

We need to work together to protect the things we value, the island, the people, the culture, the environment.

We hope to develop the site into a home page for the island celebrating what Waiheke is all about. More than tourism, more that activism, more that funky, happy people.

However for now we have an urgent issue. The way Auckland is governed is about to change dramatically and the bills to make this change are being pushed through parliament with undue hast and little time for consultation.

You may have taken part in the Royal Commission consultation process, Waiheke and the Hauraki gulf contributed over 30% of the submissions, over a 1000 from the island itself.
All the good work done then has been ditched by the latest bill. So you need to step up and start again – This time with just a few days.

That is why our front page is now all about the submission process. Please get writing, ask to speak to the select committee and share your submissions with us to encourage and help others.