Wake up our leaders on Monday ::: tck-ing down to Copenhagen

Wake up!  
Don’t forget to turn up on Monday 21st  at 12.15 at the  “Wake Up” event by the Red Cross building in Oneroa.
Bring your mobile phone if you have one or an alarm-clock, a bell, or anything that makes a noise….
We need to Wake Up John Key & his mates, in parliament, to the fact that Climate Change is happening & is speeding up with potentially disastrous consequences not only for us & our kids but for life whole planet…    Wake up & take action!   

Pass on this message + check out the tcktcktck webside (google it).   We’re already registered in it (check out NZ & Waiheke Island)

Let out voices be heard & let’s be seen to make the “Wake Up” call together with well over a million others all over the World.

Kia kaha & cheers,