Waiheke and the Royal Commission

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Waiheke & Hauraki Gulf community members made up nearly 30%  of the 3500 submissions to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, and were heard by the Commission at the Conference Centre in Claris Great Barrier on Friday June 27, and on Waiheke at an all day  hearing held on Piritahi Marae on Thursday July 10 2008.

The Waiheke community especially supported the ARC Option 5 proposal for a 2-tier system of governance. Under this option all assets would be owned in common by one organisation, and local communities would be granted more devolved powers to build on local strengths and to respond to local priorities.

Subsequently the Royal Commission ( which reported on March 27 2009 ) found in favour of Waiheke and Great Barrier being granted wider delegated powers than they currently receive, in  recognition of their unique character which was not well recognised or understood by the ACC.

The report went on to recognise the special nature of the Hauraki Gulf which has its own legislation.  Subsequently the government introduced the herein referred to Bill on May 13 2009, as the second of a three Bill Auckland Governance Legislation programme.

Although the bill specifically states in section 19.3g that a local board area is constituted for the Waiheke Island community. There is no indication that the board will have the delegated powers to act effectively in the interests of the Island.  

The small number of council members elected by ward will mean that Waiheke does not have its own councillor. We do not know which part of the city we might be bundled together with.  Imagine if it was Auckland Central.