Useful information about ward boundaries

If you are planning on going to the meeting this Sunday 11th October, 2pm at Ostend Hall to talk about the proposed ward boundaries, these documents collected by WICPC may be helpful in providing some background.

  • ARC GAC Submission Proposed Local Boards – This gives an idea of of the main population areas and names. In this ARC proposal waiheke joins western bays
  • LGC Governance_establishment_guide – This is a guide to the Local Government Commission’s responsibilities and the criteria it uses to make decisions about boards and wards.
  • LGC Commission_tasks_and_approach – Sets out the Commission’s approach to identification of communities of interest. This also includes the time line.
  • Local Government Auckland Council Act 2009 – The full act. see 
    Sect 16 – decision making responsibilities for local boards, 
    Sect 17 – principles for allocation of decision making responsibilities of Auckland Council, 
    Sect 19 – local boards funding policy
    Sect 20 – local board plans
    Sect 21 – local board agreements
    Sect 31 – delegations
  • LGC Report Back aug 2009 – Report back from LGC on the proposal to move Waiheke to  Thames Coromandel District council. Contains some relevant analysis.

Waiheke is already guaranteed a community board. It is enshrined in the legislation. but it is not large enough in population to gain a full council representative.  The average ward size is around 60,000. Hence Waiheke will be joined with some other part of the City to form a council ward.

Nearby choices include: ( ward, current holder, party) 

  • Hobson –  Aaron Bhatnagar, C+R
  • Western Bays – Graeme Easte, City Vision
  • Devonport – Chris Darby, independent,

If you can’t make the meeting feel free to add comments here