Template Submission for Waiheke Islanders

SUBMISSION TEMPLATE – Post 2 copies or email, by Friday June 26 :

Clerk of the Committee, Auckland Governance Legislation, Local Government and Environment Select Committee Office, Parliament House, Wellington

Phone : 04 817 6975
email :AGL@parliament.govt.nz

Local Government ( Auckland Council ) Bill – Auckland Governance Legislation Bill 2

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Background :

The Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park Board was established in 1968. In 1989 the then Waiheke County Council was amalgamated into the ACC. In 2008 the Waiheke Island & Hauraki Gulf community members contributed 28% of the 3500 submissions to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, and were
heard by the Commission at the Conference Centre in Claris Great Barrier on Friday June 27, and on Waiheke at an all day hearing held on Piritahi Marae on Thursday July 10 2008.

The Waiheke community especially supported the ARC Option 5 “The One and the Many” proposal for a 2-tier system of governance. Under this option all assets would be owned in common by one organisation, and local communities would be granted more devolved powers to build on local strengths and to respond to local priorities.

Subsequently the Royal Commission ( which reported on March 27 2009 ) found in favour of Waiheke and Great Barrier being granted wider delegated powers than they currently receive, in recognition of their unique character which was not well recognised or understood by the ACC. The report went on to recognise the special nature of the Hauraki Gulf which has its own legislation, the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000.

Subsequently the government introduced the herein referred to Bill on May 13 2009, as the second of a three Bill Auckland Governance Legislation programme.


I / we oppose this Bill as detailed below

Sect 5 & Sect 7 – Meaning of Auckland & Auckland Council established

Constitute a separate local governance entity for the Hauraki Gulf and its islands seeking international recognition for its integrated approach to sustainability, as our special iconic geography and conservation history and community demographic together skew our community towards a more collaborative and sustainability governance ideal, which in turn makes us culturally incompatible with isthmus anti-sustainability and anti-community priorities. ( e.g wheelie bins and HGIPP outcomes, and ACC’s command and control governance practices ).

Sect 8 – Governing body of Auckland Council – and election of members

I / we support a full ward system with no members to be elected at-large, as opposed to having 8 at-large and 12 ward members.

Sect 9 – Mayor of Auckland

I / we oppose the mayor being able to appoint committee chairs.

Sect 10 – Local Boards

Establish a separate local governance entity for peri-urban Waiheke Island and another for Great Barrier Island, which reconciles with Sect 5 & 7 comments above.

Sect 13 – Functions, duties, and powers of local boards

I / we support optimum legislated delegated powers for Waiheke and the Hauraki Gulf which reconcile with Sect 5 & 7 & 10 comments above..

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Submission Template prepared by Waiheke Island Community Planning Group Inc ( WICPG ) – 09 372 9541