Super City – Act Now

The Government is moving fast to scrap the current Auckland councils and impose its 

Super City structure on our communities.  You only have until Friday 26 June 2009 

to have your say.  


We recommend you make the following points: 

  • Oppose the concentrated power of the Mayor and the executive in the Auckland Council 
  • Want increased  powers for local boards-  turning them into Local Councils with real resources and significant powers;  
  • Want Councillors to be elected from multi member wards, rather than at large and for Councillors to be elected by proportional representation; 
  • Want public assets to remain in public ownership. 

Submission format 

Just write your submission as a letter including: 

  1. Your name, address, daytime phone number and email address 
  2. State that you WISH TO APPEAR before the select committee to speak to your submission – you can always decline later.  
  3. Give an indication of who you represent (e.g. landowner, business owner, community group member, yourself or your family, etc). If you represent a group, outline its purpose and how many members it has. 
  4. Clearly state your OPPOSITION to the Bill. 
  5. Outline your key concerns about the Bill clearly and concisely, using examples if possible. The committee requests that submissions address specifically the matters raised in the bill, as it will not be considering any other issues.  

Submissions can either be emailed to or mailed in paper 

form. Two copies are required of submissions sent in paper form. 

Committee Secretariat 

Auckland Governance Legislation Committee 

Parliament House 


If you send your submission via email please do not also send paper copies. 

Your submission must be received by the Local Government and Environment 

Committee by Friday 26 June 2009.