OneWaiheke News Update – 25 June 2009

The Waiheke Community showed up in droves last Sunday to support the work of
Waiheke Does It Better, and throw their weight behind the ongoing campaign
to keep Waiheke’s waste resources in local hands. There were well over 200
people present!

The atmosphere was far from a feeling of being beaten and much more an
excitement about the next stage.

It’s a very exciting and challenging time to live on the island. May we as a
community, and may environmental and social justice prevail. All power to
the people of Waiheke!

The meeting identified 7 key action areas and formed working groups around
these topics. New people stepped up to help coordinate the groups.

Mailing lists have been set up to support the work of each group and we will
put together some web pages for status information as well.

The groups and their coordinators are:

Pita Rikys, To follow up on legal action options
Colin Beardon, to research the option of becoming a UNESCO Reserve
James Samuel, To work on ways to build an island wide mandate.
Non Violent Direct Action
Rien Achtenberg, To effect change through publicity and peaceful direct action
John Stansfield, To set rules for TPI and bring them to true Waihekedom.
Media & Communications
Brent Simpson, and Andrew Watkins, To enable group collaboration, and tell the story in print, online, audio, video etc.
Denise Roche, and Dorte Wray, To run events and activities to raise funds for publicity, direct action support, and legal action.

What should I do now?

To stay informed on active issues on Waiheke such as the Super City, Waste Management, Developments etc. follow the OneWaihekeNews mailing list. This is a low volume list used to make
announcements about what is going on. You can sign up to receive the news and announcements by

On the same page you can send requests to join any of the action groups above. Each group has its own mailing list which will cut down irrelevant traffic for most people.

One group OneWaihekeAll is used for general discussions, join this to get a
feel for what is going on.

Specific Requests

Rein needs some helpers for his Direct Action work;

1. A data entry person who can do an Excel spreadsheet, or show Judith how to do it.
2. People to paint banners
please join the direct action mail list.

Media group would like some people with journalistic skills. If you have ever put together a press release, or simply written an office report then you would be welcome. So much has happened over the last few months and the
story is very spread around. We want to get a good timeline together and create a resource pack that will bring new people up to speed quickly. For example if we get an MP to ask questions in Parliament then they will need
to be accurately briefed.

Not everyone is on the web or email. We would like this process to be as inclusive as possible so ideas please on widening the reach of the group.

Blue Skies, Clean Streams – Andrew