Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Meeting

ome along and join the CSA to ensure your summer supply of fresh local organic vegetables!!

When: Wednesday 23 SEPT. 2009 7.30pm – 9pm

What: The CSA Waiheke Trust invites you to a meeting to join up to the first stage of Waiheke Community Supported Agriculture project.

The CSA has been granted the use of a piece of land in Te Matuku Bay, there is a farmer, there is a plan, crops are going in the  ground very, very soon – now we need members and the support of the Waiheke Community.

Please come to the meeting and help turn the CSA vision into a reality.  A good attendance will provide the mandate and support to  take the project forward, so pass this invite on.


Hear about the Te Matuku Project

  • Meet our farmer and discuss the growing and distribution plans —  tell us what vegetables you want
  • We’ll be setting up some committees for those with the  time to  join us
  • We’ll be discussing ways in which you can help us, resources we need.
  • AND we’ll be signing up our first subscribers.

What is CSA and why?

   There has been a huge surge in interest in locally grown fresh
   organic food, as people have become aware of the environmental costs
   of transporting food over huge distances, the health costs of eating
   denatured highly processed food from supermarkets, the improved
   flavour of fresh locally produced produce, the concern for the
   plight of small farms and family farmers as industrial scale
   agricultural enterprises put them out of business, and the desire to
   reconnect with communities at a social and cultural level.

   CSA is a community-based way of providing our food, with minimum
   environmental cost and maximum community gain. Its a partnership
   between farmers and consumers, to provide the farmers with a sure
   income and the consumers with good quality local food. There are no
   middle people. CSA are well established in the USA, and usually
   involve an existing family farm. Ours is a bit different, in true
   Waiheke fashion. We started without a farm or the farmer, just a
   vision, but now we have both farm and farmer. All we need is for
   consumers to come on board.

   Here’s how it works: people subscribe a weekly amount of money and
   in return receive a weekly box of produce. The money pays the
   farmers wages and whatever resources are needed to get the crops in
   the ground, grown and harvested.

   More information on the Waiheke model will be provided on Wednesday

   Kind regards,

   Trustees of Waiheke CSA Trust

   Brian Griffiths, Meriel Watts, Eleanor Bauarschi, Sue Connor